Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Mouth Full of Bejewels

There are several things: 1.) I woke up with a cold in my nose. 2.) I have accidentally created a Bejeweled addiction for my mother. 3.) Maybe there’s no three.
That’s just the thing, for the 12th time this year my face is so swollen in the sinuses it’s like I inhaled an entire hay bale and I can’t quite sneeze it all out. I could make myself some tea, and with each steamy sip my nose will get closer to the cup until I remind myself that I can’t breathe in tea. I am one of those people who just generally has issues when it comes to breathing through my nose, so when a cold hits I walk around making annoying snorting noises similar to a horse, but not unlike a pug dog. I send my kids on secret missions to the bathroom to get me more tissue. It is a special kind of torture, this having a cold, one that I can only appease by going to visit my mother.
She makes me tea. The kids get to run wild in the fenced backyard. Yes, it was raining, but they didn’t seem to mind as they picked up pieces of gravel from one end and carried them one at a time across the yard, narrating as they went. “More rocks!” “Running!” and that was as good as Thursday afternoon gets.
Meanwhile, I snuggle on Mom’s couch with my tiny iPhone and play Bejeweled because I am an addict. In my own defense, I only downloaded the game because one of my best friends works for Pop Cap Games and I try to support the company by downloading all their games. Plants Vs. Zombies is one of my favorites, but I solved that one. I was a late comer to the Bejeweled scene, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t teach me that practice makes perfect. The more hours I spend on the Blitz game the better I get, and isn’t that a nice feeling when you’re kids want you to feed them or play with them and all you can do is say, “Give me just one more minute.” Because that’s how long one game is, a minute. 30 minutes later I get up and get them a cracker. Thing Two, the baby, sees the game pop up and he proclaims, in all caps, “BEJEWELED THWEE!” he sounds like he has a little mouth full of bejewels, but I get it.
So, tonight the kids are outside in the rain, impressed by the giant drips off the gutters and getting soaked, moving the gravel around, and there is my mom playing Bejeweled on her iPad and me on my iPhone. We are chatting about our scores. We are actually discussing the fact that we can’t manage to stop playing even though it is that repetitive, mind-numbing jewel moving game with nothing but a high score. The most addicting game I have ever played.
And now I am home, wishing I had taken those squandered minutes playing Bejeweled and gone to the store for some cold medicine.


  1. Well you can add me to the list of people you got addicted to that effing game. In fact, I have to go play some of it now. . .

  2. Love the post. Oh and I am off to play my Classic version of Bejeweled. Mom