Friday, March 25, 2011

Hot Frogs and Sci-Fi

My husband just left me here with two martini glasses full of what I have just now decided to call a Hot Frog. It is not hot, and only slightly green. It’s really just a bartender’s margarita, up. Not too fancy, unless you consider hand juicing 20 limes “fancy.” I didn’t do it, I was the recipient. Now he is off to the Galactic show at the Showbox, and I am going to sit here and finish off this Hot Frog, followed by the second one.
I will also watch the newest episode of Fringe, because I am a real sci-fi enthusiast. I made a special appearance at the opening night Gala of the Battlestar Galactica exhibition at Seattle’s Sci-fi Museum. It’s always so exciting to get a little star struck by hardcore fans in their flight suit replicas. Fringe is just as cool, but it’s like watching a horror movie with a soap opera plot. And Fox just renewed the next season, so I will have more exciting escapades with people encased in Amber, corpse reanimation, time travel, hopping between universes, and once in a while, old fashioned tv make outs.
That’s it. It’s Friday and the fact that I have posted something everyday for 5 days has to be an accomplishment of some sort. That, and I printed out my book today and had the guy at Kinko’s put an actual binding on it. That made me feel fairly grown up today. To celebrate: the Hot Frog.   

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