Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here's the Weird Thing

It was yesterday that I sorted through the blog designs, chose this lovely background with a comfortably old chair, comfortably obsolete television, and almost completely indecipherable box on the wall that I know from old black and white TV to be a "telephone." A rotary one, at that. And what scenes are those hanging on my wall? The Dutch countryside? Girl with the Pearl Earring? This is my new blog. This is where I live now in the intangible world of electronic connections. My words come out in Times New Roman, 12 pt. I am not too good for all caps, if the situation deems appropriate. And I have comitted myself to at least one post a day, if you can imagine the horror of that. Not that anyone will read them all. But today, day two in this strange new world, I've got nothing, except for these, which I don't actually want to write about for more than a second.

My list of topics for today:

1.)Sports jersey's: a historical account of how I always wanted one with a hypothetical nickname stamped on the back, but never wanted to actually play a sport.

2.)Bejeweled and my sick addiction to this mindless puzzler that is starting to warp my children into taking matters into their own hands, i.e. climbing on chairs and helping themselves to cereal, snacks, and whatever else is within climbing distance from a chair pushed wherever it can possibly be moved in the time it takes me to put down my game.

3.)Looking at 400 different houses on Craig's list and finally finding one that has a slice of a chance at being acceptable, although currently filled with a vast jungle of tropical house plants and a roof that may or may not be thatched.

4.)Overhearing a technical conversation by two moderately nerdy writers about their Macbooks. 10 minutes of hardware jargon before it came out that one of them was actually working on a book with said computer. The topic may have included something about my inability to relate to dudes when their talking about cars/computers/sports, although I sometimes try.

5.)The constantly grating concept that children's television keeps perptuating mixtures of anthropomorphized animals and regular domesticated "pets." I'm sure this argument is classic, and nothing I can say will make any difference in why Goofey is a dog and Pluto is a dog, but there are other things. Bubble Guppies is an example: Mermaids who swim underwater, but build houses with pools in the back yard. . . for swimming. . . underwater underwater. Children's television is psychedelically confusing.

And that's it.

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